Introduction of the blog

“just about what moves me”

Here, and in my public photo-album, I try to ventilate various things moving me, things which are making me laugh or happy, bad and good experiences but also things which are making me angry or very sad.

See them as daily views and experiences cached by my eyes and transformed in letters by means of a blog and of in pixels by means of my camera(s).

The real views with the connected feelings are stored forever somewhere in my brains, which seems to have an unlimited storage-capacity (anyhow, in my case).

Gérard Macé (a French poet) said: “Des images comme un manteau de mémoire” or “Images like a coat of memory”.

In 1988 I moved to l’ Escala, Catalonia. After 15 years I made a mistake and started travelling in Asia. In 2005 I dropped down in Bangkok where I’m still living.


More, me moving, links:

Animal Sanctuary Chiangmai


One voice for animals

8 Responses to Introduction of the blog

  1. Khun Didi says:

    Hello, I have already sent you a message on Flickr. Would you allow me to use the picture showing double price for toilets on my blog (in French!). I would of course quote the source. Thanks and best regards! Didier

  2. Khun Didi says:

    Thanks, Ton! Post published. Hope you do not suffer from the flood. Yes, it has been all over Thailand. My girl friend was also flooded in Chiang Mai. Things are better now over there.

  3. Khun Didi says:

    Hi Ton,

    Do you think it is reasonable to fly to Bangkok over the next few days?
    Is there a risk that Suvanabhumi be flooded? I read so many different things!


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