BANGKOK: Bad business at BTS

On Nov 15 at 8.30am, as I exited BTS Asoke on my way to church, a woman yelled at me, “Are you Thai?” When I replied no, she demanded to see my passport. I showed her my Thai driving licence, as I do not carry my passport with me. She then rudely snatched my BTS ticket from my hand. I tried to get it back and she called security and a supervisor. He told me that I was not entitled to the “seniors’” BTS card (which I have held for over a year) as I was not Thai. I told her I had bought it at a BTS window at Chong Nonsi, after asking if any senior’s discount was available and providing proof  of my age (I am 69). When I presented my Thai driving licence, I was given the seniors card and have used it ever since, even topping it up two or more times without any questions from the staff.

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The Railway-link is also double pricing only the MRT (Underground) is (mostly) asking friendly “are you pensioneer?” and giving me the cheap price!

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