Why can’t Thais speak English?

As I go through a typical day, one nagging question keeps popping up in the back of my head; Why can’t Thai people speak English?

Well that’s a dumb question, right? I can already hear some of the answers now. “They’re Thai. They speak Thai. We’re in Thailand. Duh” Alright let me rephrase the question then. Considering that English has been the international language of tourism and commerce for I don’t know how many decades now, and there are I don’t know how many thousands of English teachers all over the country, why is the general level of English so poor? Why can’t even young, supposedly educated college students speak English? Why can’t the Pratom (primary) teachers at my school, who are supposed to teach every subject, including English, speak English? Ok two of them can, but most can’t, so we have a situation here where Thai English teachers can’t speak English.

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About Antoni Uni

I am born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and went to Spain, l'Escala - Costabrava, in 1988. After 15 years I made a mistake and went travelling in S.E. Asia. and in 2005 I dropped down in Bangkok where I still live. Mijn website met foto's is: http://www.antoniuniphotography.com/
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