Phuket Incident at Resort: Scores Being Treated for Injuries (Thailand)

A fullscale disaster was being dealt with on Phuket today after an incident at a Phuket resort.

Medical staff at Patong Hosptial were treating at least 30 patients and ferrying many of them to Vachira Hospital in Phuket City as fast as possible.

It is believed the mass injuries were caused in a burning incident at a Karon resort today. The injuries are thought to be related to a swimming pool chemical.

The names of 38 patients were posted on the wall outside Patong Hospital, north of Karon. The hospital emergency section was dealing with all the injured.

Read more in Phuket Wan


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3 Responses to Phuket Incident at Resort: Scores Being Treated for Injuries (Thailand)

  1. antoniuni says:

    INN: Chlorine mixing container at Phuket Orchid Resort explodes causing injuries to 30 who’ve been transported to Patong Hospital

    Tan Network

  2. antoniuni says:

    “One worker at the resort told the Gazette that the mix of chemicals was purely an accident.

    “He has been maintaining pools for 20 years. Today, he just did something wrong. It was just an accident,” he said.”

    Read more in Phuket Gazaette

    “Well, that’s it; story closed, solly!”

  3. antoniuni says:

    The following is a partial list of names taken from the wall at Patong Hospital.

    It’s worth bearing in mind that the list was prepared in an emergency situation so spellings may vary.

    Carina Elgemyr Lenhtimeki 49
    Simonsen Ann Christin 36
    Twi Christin 8
    Bengt Lehtimeki 50
    Chroen Sanjumla 41
    Chris Nielsen 16
    Qlans Ralle 10
    Ganns Lisa 39
    Jeanette Nielsen 44
    Hrnic Adnan 30
    Rish Turid 70
    Laura Ober Hrnic 3
    Annika Ober Hrnic 27
    Simonsen Kine Christin 11
    Ohrstrand Sara Kristine 3
    Sabina Storm Nielsen 15
    Ohratran Frode Gundersen 36
    Chrstran Martin 1
    Chrstran Maria Isabll 32
    Hadian Gundersen 29
    Soren Storm 45
    Hadian Gundersen Sonny 31
    Hadian Gundersen Benjamin 3
    Glans Simon 7
    Emil H Gundersen
    Risa Bjarne
    Olsson Peteb
    Sarawut Sudmakum 25
    Boonrung Buapuen 32
    Voravit Donsomjit 33
    Thiti Antimanon 27
    Nitaya Katapetch 41
    Thitima Tummakorn 28
    Pichet Boonsong 39
    Arun Buaya 41


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