Again Thailand, again hit and run: four Swedish died in Krabi

Google translation:

Four Swedish young people have been killed in a road accident in Thailand, according to Swedish police.

There are two women and two men in more than 20 years of age who have died in a traffic accident in Phuket.

The accident occurred when they were on their way between Patong in Phuket and Koh Tao, said Halland police said in a statement. All four are from Varberg and relatives are informed.

The serious accident occurred when the Swedes were on the road in a car from Patong in Phuket to Koh Tao on Wednesday morning Thailand time.

-They met a truck that came over on the wrong side of the road and collided with the minibus, says Camilla Akesson Lindblom at the Foreign Ministry’s press service.

In addition to the Swedes traveled a chauffeur in the car accident. Although he must have perished in the accident.

After the collision, where the four Swedes and their driver were killed, the truck driver fled from the scene, according to Thai media.

Read more in GP (Swedish language)

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In adition:”Fatal Attraction: Thailand’s Appeal is Tempered by Lack of Care on its Killer Roads

AGAIN the question WHEN are the Thai authorities educating the traffic-rules which will be a HUGH job as the Thai traffic is a Wild West and everybody drives according to his/her own descretion, not only placing their own live at risk but also the lives of innocent people!

A summery? Some of my EVERYDAYS observations:

Rights of pedestrians?? hahaha, forget it:

* try to use only the fly-overs as you are outlawed, even at the “protected” pedestrians crossing with or without lights. Once I almost was killed by a taxi-driver ignoring at high speed the red traffic-light whilst the rest of the cars were halted already at two of the four lanes.

* walking at the side-walks means being confronted by motor-bikes in various directions who are even using their horn to tell you to step aside to let them pass……

* all traffic (over)speeding in- and outside the built-up area

* even when one can see at a distance that a traffic-light is red speeding on-to that light, trying to get around slower driving vehicles at all sides, to be forced to use the brakes unnecessary excessive

* the use of open exhaust-pipes by lorries, and by other vehicles, which seems to give a feeling of “power” when (over)speeding

* the ignoration of all road-signs, even traffic-lights

* the heavy use of mobile phones, even on motorbikes, nothing is impossible; various times cars are suddenly slowing down or making strange movements, in that case they are drunk or using their mobile phone

* drunk or driving under light influence of alcohol (lowered concentration/reaction)

* 100% selfish driving, ignoring other road-users “I first”

* not being instructed by the doctor or pharmacy not to use certain medicins whilst driving or ignoring these warnings

* all of a sudden starting by-passing and/or by-passing at blind curves

* 100% wrong using the vehicle whilst going down a slope not using the gear to slow down the vehicle but heavily using the brakes which must be the number one of the very frequent (deadly) accidents in the mountainous areas

* ignoring all the common sense concerning rest-hours (mostly caused by “the boss” – “money, money, money”

Well, we can make the list a lot longer, but let’s start with this!


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One Response to Again Thailand, again hit and run: four Swedish died in Krabi

  1. antoniuni says:

    The driver of a truck whose reckless driving killed four young Swedish tourists and their Thai driver in Phang Nga last week has been released on bail, the Phuket Gazette has learned.

    An officer at Phang Nga Provincial Court told the Gazette last Wednesday that the driver, 27-year-old Muhummadyukee Jehyusoh, requested bail release on February 3.

    Khok Kloy District Police duty officer Santi Prakobpran said Mr Muhummadyukee confessed to being the driver of the truck, but provided no details as to what caused the vehicle to traverse the gullied median strip and slam head on into a Toyota Altis driven by 26-year-old Wichit Phromluang of Udon Thani province.

    Read more in the Phuket Gazette

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