Thailand’s (legal??) protectionism and monopolism by telephone-providers

As I had to use forcefully the provider dtac in the North of Thailand (True’s signals were there louzy) I’m still, for the time being at dtac as True provides me a lot of bureaucracy in switching my usual SIM-card into a iPhone-card; lots of paperwork and even subsidiaries of True closed for a week or two during the beginning of the “happy” New Year and a “True-shop” not being able to give any info other than “you must phone the Call-Center”.

Anyway, the services as existing in Europe to enable people with a smaller purse to phone abroad for a reasonable price has been successfully blocked by the giant Thai providers, but more I stumbled-upon some days ago is that dtac even blocks such incoming-calls from Europe (in this case Spain)!
I never noticed this from the side of True but might be they also changed their “customers-friendly” policy since short.

Well, at least dtac send you together with the first call-sign the text: BLOCKED.
WELL DONE DTAC, take good care for your customers and…….. a satang is a satang no???

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