“You think too much”

As I like to roam in and around wats (Buddhist temples) because of the art and the supposed serenity which I rarely find there anymore in the more “popular” and situated in the city ones unfortunately. Yes, art enough but the rest is rare to experience: carts selling food, even complete markets at temple-compounds like in Phitsanulok motorbikes shortcutting and using the temple-grounds to come from one community to the other, floods of donation-boxes next to each-other and even already an ATM-machine in the entrance of a “sala”, for example in Wat Phrasitivej in Nakhon Nayok.
Anyway, the very sad and recent kidnapping/murder-case of nong Piyaphan Thitiaksornsil brought me to Wat Bung Thong Lang where the cremation-ceremony of Piyaphan took place. Unfortunately I did not know in time so I visited the premises one week later as a tribute to him and over-thinking the sad and shameful acting of four murdering people, laying their dirty hands on a 19-years old boy.

I have been said in Thailand already various times “you think too much”, but alla (French interjection also used in Holland), it’s me and I cannot slow down what that is concerned and cannot stop combining impressions which reached my eyes in the past with the present ones.

About Antoni Uni

I am born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and went to Spain, l'Escala - Costabrava, in 1988. After 15 years I made a mistake and went travelling in S.E. Asia. and in 2005 I dropped down in Bangkok where I still live. https://www.antoniuniphotography.com/ My website, more than 30.000 photos, is: https://www.antoniuniphotography.com/
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