Q-Bar Fire / Club Is Closed (Sukhumvit Soi 11) – Bangkok

From “Craigslist Bangkok” Date: 2012-01-02, 5:13PM ICT

“Q-Bar on Sukhumvit Soi11 had a Serious Fire Earlier today and will be CLOSED until Further Notice.

As advised by investigators, several fire codes were not followed and Fire and Police investigating are now underway…..PERMANENT CLOSURE IS LIKELY.”

“Q Bar fire Bangkok 1” – YouTube

“Q Bar fire Bangkok 2” – YouTube

“Q Bar fire Bangkok 3” – YouTube

“several fire codes were not followed”. Question: WHERE are they followed???

SADLY REMEMBER the fire in SANTIKA CLUB New Year 2009

A scan of a photo courtesy Thairath Newspaper


About Antoni Uni

I am born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and went to Spain, l'Escala - Costabrava, in 1988. After 15 years I made a mistake and went travelling in S.E. Asia. and in 2005 I dropped down in Bangkok where I still live. Mijn website met foto's is: http://www.antoniuniphotography.com/
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4 Responses to Q-Bar Fire / Club Is Closed (Sukhumvit Soi 11) – Bangkok

  1. Outright lies posted by a competitor clearly promoting themselves on several craigslist/internet posts! There was a small fire in the offices adjacent to Q Bar. The Bar did NOT Burn down and was untouched there were NO violations of any kind as a fire safety inspection just one week before resulted in safe inspection of fire extinguishers which helped to save the bar. The Bar was closed for 2 days which were already marked for holiday anyway for the entire staff which is why the offices were empty Monday in the first place. Q Bar is now and as of Friday Jan 6th Open daily. Since the Zantika incident Q Bar has taken fire safety very seriously even having a fire truck posted on Soi 11 New Years eve for all club goers safety on Soi 11…this sites gets its news sourced from Craigslists Rants and Raves section??!!! That’s really reliable information…

  2. antoniuni says:

    I know that that section of Craigslist Bangkok beats everything (in a very negative way) and publishes the worst use of language one can imagine but the fact was there and in LOS it’s not amazingly when this should has happened seeing lots of violations of security-laws. Besides the reasons of the tragedy of Zantika I noticed for example that in a big hotel in the Sukhumvit-area fire-detectors were disconnected because their guests wanted to smoke in the bedrooms which isn’t allowed there. As it seems that Craigslist doesn’t allow you to publish a rectification as your post got deleted (they allow by the way publications which are 100% against the Thai law……..) herewith the confirmation that I found your (nice) premises opened yesterday-evening. Some photos can be found in my gallery Q-BAR BANGKOK

  3. Thanks for setting the record straight…any readers still have doubts just check the pics or come down to Q Bar…we have not burned to the ground or been shut for any violations…and whoever you are posting these lies I’d just like to say… HI HATER!

  4. antoniuni says:

    Mat, somebody who is posting such things is mentally ill as a normal “human being” should realize that such accusations are that transparent that the prove of a bad lie should be there within days…… So, when it’s a Thai he loses face in an extreme way and when it’s a farang we can only shame ourselves for the crap roaming around here!
    Anyway, my personally made photos at the evening of the (re)opening can be found HERE.

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