Latest update: a 150+ collection YouTube / Vimeo-videos about the Thai floodings 2011


Up-to today lots of people are still suffering and floating at and/or wading through polluted (flood)-water but the (international) press start silencing, might be because of ongoing local soothing press-releases about “Bangkok dry”, “flooded areas dry this month (December counts only about 18 days more!!!)” and “main roads are dry”. I must see if really ALL flooded areas shall be dry because all is focused at “Bangkok”!

There are a hugh amount of inundated places around Bangkok where one gets, when roaming around there, tearing eyes and I sincerely hope that these are included in the promises although I’m in doubt. First of all, don’t forget that “all the important roads” are lots of times a bit higher situated than the neighboring living-areas (that’s why they are lots of times blocking the drain-flow of the water, so are acting like a dyke, constructed haphazard) and hugh areas in the suburbs of Bangkok, or further away, are more or less situated in “polders” so the water cannot drain automatically thus where day and night pumping is necessary.

Furthermore lots of times “drawn people” are completely depending of managements of private- or business developments set up by companies and forming the so called “villages” or “housing estates”, a compound of houses just somewhere the company bought a piece of land and started “developing”. Various of these “villages” has been badly maintained because of stinginess of the operators. That’s why I found a press-release saying: “Premier orders housing estates dry by year-end”.

Well in my case: KC-Garden Home, Nimitmai Rd. soi 40, I don’t see any progress in helping our soi (road) to get the sewers organized and cleaned resulting in unhealthy, bad smelling and wet circumstances at the end of the soi! (I could have known now because in Bangkok-center I was informed already by business-people I met, and know, about the bad policy of several “KC-‘s”.) And I am sure, that without enough pressure a bottle-neck, a main entrance-road halve-way the compound, “built” more or less at the level of the surrounding fields, shall not be elevated a bit to prevent flooding of it during the risk (monsoon)-seasons. They where even not able (interested) to manage that the further onwards living inhabitants could pass in small cars which forced them to evacuate.

So, concerning the press-releases, don’t forget that they are generally meant and that, for sure, there will be a lot of cases where the suffering shall continue.


30-03-2011 ✮ ✮ Thailand Flood March 2011 ✮ ✮

31-03-2011 NZHerald

12-09-2011 รวมภาพมุมสูงเหตุการณ์น้ำท่วม

14-09-2011 Jor Kau Den นาทีจมบาดาล นครสวรรค์ 1-2 | 14 Sep 11

15-09-2011 รายงานน้ำท่วมนครสวรรค์

23-09-2011 Thailand flooding

24-09-2011 flooding crisis in Thailand น้ำท่วมประเทศไทย54

29-09-2011 Chiang Mai Thailand flood Sept. 29, 2011

30-09-2011 Floods in Chiang Mai, Thailand

30-09-2011 SE Asia floods ravage Thailand’s north

03-10-2011 Flooding in Lopburi 2011

04-10-2011 Thailand floods threaten Bangkok

04-10-2011 Floods Damage Centuries-Old Thai Temple

08-10-2011 Thailand FLOOD 2011 – Ayutthaya to Nong Chang, Uthai Thani

09-10-2011 Flooding in Central Thailand 2011 – English

11-10-2011 BBC-News s.e.-Asia

11-10-2011 Thai Flood.. How sad it is..

12-10-2011 THAI FLOODS 2011 #1

13-10-2011 THAI FLOODS 2011 #2

13-10-2011 Video Blog on the floods in Bangkok and how to help

13-10-2011 Thai floods swamp ancient temple and threaten Bangkok

14-10-2011 Raw Video: Huge Floods Advance in Thailand

14-10-2011 The “flooding” in Khon Kaen

14-10-2011 Thailand races to block floods

15-10-2011 THAILAND FLOODS escaped crocodile

15-10-2011 Floods affect Bangkok businessses

16-10-2011 Thailand Floods

17-10-2011 THAI FLOODS 2011 #3

18-10-2011 Flooding in Thailand 2011

19-10-2011 Puppy rescued thailand floods

19-10-2011 Flooding in Thailand – Update 2

19-10-2011 Thai activists rescue flood animals Bangkok

19-10-2011 THAI FLOODS 2011 #4

20-10-2011 Thai floods threaten Bangkok

20-10-2011 Bangkok Flood response, U2 Original of the Specis

20-10-2011 Air’s House Flooded by Ja (The Mousses)

20-10-2011 Song for Thai Flood

22-11-2011 Thailand’s Worst Flood Ever Part 4 Flood Victims Getting Daily Food Supplies at the Main Highway.

22-10-2011 Floods Kill 17 in Northern Thailand

23-10-2011 Thai admission over flood disaster

24-10-2011 On the Thai floods

24-10-2011 Floating bike for Thai flooding situation

24-10-2011 Flood relief Lopburi Thailand October 2011

25-10-2011 Crocodile and snake dangers in Bangkok floods – Australia Network

25-10-2011 THAI FLOODS 2011 #5

26-10-2011 Thailand Flooding, Please Keep In Prayer

27-10-2011 Bangkok floods worsen as canal bursts its banks – Australia Network

27-10-2011 The Telegraph

27-10-2011 Cats & Dogs in 2011 Thai Floods

27-10-2011 Thailand Flood Slow-moving tsunami


27-10-2011 Thailand’s worst floods in decades

28-10-2011 A view on Thailand’s deadly floods

28-10-2011 THAI FLOODS: Thousands leave Bangkok

29-10-2011 Escape From Ayuthaya’s Floods

29-10-2011 Thai floods affect millions

29-10-2011 Video : III MEF Assesses Flooding in Thailand

29-10-2011 Flood @ Home 29 Oct 11

29-10-2011 Bangkok flooding (Sampantawong / dalat Noi areas.

29-10-2011 <a href=" floods spark fear of disease and crocodiles

30-10-2011 Shine for Floods by ATDAROOM

30-10-2011 Last Bus Out of Bangkok

30-10-2011 THAI FLOODS 2011 #7

31-10-2011 THAILAND DYKE

31-10-2011 Floods swamp Thailand

31-10-2011 Bangkok Floods

01-11-2011 Thailand flood reached Bangkok

01-11-2011 Flooding situation in Central Thailand

01-11-2011 Thai floods, yen affect Japan Inc

01-11-2011 Elephants trapped by Thai floods

01-11-2011 Bangkok Thailand Floods Crocodile Warnings

01-11-2011 Thailand Flood Situation

02-11-2011 Bangkok flood adventure

02-11-2011 Thai Postman

02-11-2011 Flood @ K.C.Garden Home 2 Nov 201

02-11-2011 Flood @ K.C.Garden Home 30 Dec 2011

03-11-2011 Pray for Thailand worst flooding 2011

04-11-2011 Flooding in Thailand: ADRA’s Response October 31, 2011


04-11-2011 Thai floods close in on Bangkok


04-11-2011 Floating Thailand

05-11-2011 France 24

05-11-2011 Kc garden home 19 as of 6/11/11

06-11-2011 ขับรถเข้าบ้าน KC Garden Home นิมิตใหม่

06-11-2011 Death toll in floods surpasses 500

06-11-2011 Bangkok Thailand floods 06-11-2011

06-11-2011 Flood @ K.C.Garden Home 3 Nov 11

08-11-2011 Een tochtje naar Bangkok – A trip to Bangkok

09-11-2011 Flooding in thailand by iPhone4


09-11-2011 God bless Thailand ( Flooding 2011 )

09-11-2011 Thai floods cause harsh economic impact

10-11-2011 Thailand floods: Pet rescue

10-11-2011 Inundacion en Tailandia (ayuthaya)

11-11-2011 A Red Crossdistribution

11-11-2011 Flooding in Bangkok: Community Drinking Water Distribution

12-11-2011 ขอโทษประเทศไทย(วิกฤตน้ำท่วม)

12-11-2011 Thai Floods: Political And Economic Impact – Analysis VOA Thai

13-11-2011 Ayutthaya, Thailand Flooding 2011

13-11-2011 Thai Floods Garbage Collectors Battle Rats and Trash

14-11-2011 Pray For Thailand, Thailand Floods 2011

14-11-2011 Toby Claridge – Interview

15-11-2011 Asia Society Associate Fellow Duncan McCargo

15-11-2011 Dogs face killer disease after Thai floods

15-11-2011 Flooding in Bangkok: Boat team distributes water

15-11-2011 CNet News

16-11-2011 Flooding in Thailand Pathum Thani part VII

16-11-2011 Bangkok Flooding: Nonthaburi, Thailand นนทบุรี, ไทย

17-11-2011 Por Thrisadee joins WSPA Disaster Team during the Thailand floods

17-11-2011 Businesses angry over Thai flood handling

17-11-2011 Hillary Clinton Visits Evacuees

17-11-2011 The Flooded Streets of Bangkok

17-11-2011 Thailand Floods: Big Bags

18-11-2011 Thailand’s Worst Flood Ever Part 1 First 3 Days.

18-11-2011 Bangkok Direct Flood Relief – Help Us Help Others

19-11-2011 Thai flood-management

19-11-2011 Thailand Flood update

19-11-2011 ASA for Thailand flood 2011

20-11-2011 THAILAND FLOODS: Pet dogs and cats rescued

20-11-2011 Pathum Thani.MOV

20-11-2011 Thailand’s Worst Flood Ever Part 3 Evacuation Along Phet Kasem Rd Bangkhae.

21-11-2011 Thai workers assess flood damage as waters recede

21-11-2011 น้ำท่วมบ้านรังสิตบางพูน

22-11-2011 Thailand floods-coming home

22-11-2011 Thailand’s Worst Flood Ever Part 4 Flood Victims Getting Daily Food Supplies at the Main Highway

22-11-2011 Thailand Floods 2011

22-11-2011 After the Deluge

23-11-2011 Thailand Flooding

23-11-2011 Interview of Chanchai Kiatyanyong ชาญชัย เกียรติยรรยง

23-11-2011 Thai flooding to raise computer prices

24-11-2011 Thailand Floods 2011

25-11-2011 Thailand Flood Aerials 25 Oct 2011

25-11-2011 Flooding in Thailand – I can’t break it to my heart

26-11-2011 Superware Boats & Flood Aid – Thailand Floods 2011

26-11-2011 Flooding in Bangkok – November 2011

26-11-2011 Floods in Thailand

26-11-2011 Bangkok Direct Flood Relief

28-11-2011 Thai Flood Victims Face Challenges Returning Home

28-11-2011 THAI FLOODS 2011 #6

28-11-2-11 Thailand Floods Music 2011

28-11-2011 Thai Floods 2011-Wind of Change [2]

28-11-2011 Flooded Trailer

28-11-2011 28NOV11 THAILAND ; 4of4 ; Updated Flood News at Noon ; Thai PBS

29-11-2011 Flooding Thailand 2011 Timelapse

29-11-2011 Slow-Moving Flood

29-11-2011 ยังมีเรา (Version Thailand Floods)

29-11-2011 After the flood

29-11-2011 น้ำท่วมวัดครั้งใหญ่ในไทย Thailand Floods 2011

01-12-2011 Dodge Monaco: Thailand Floods Music Video

02-12-2011 Bangkok floods Thailand 25-10-2011 flood defences

03-12-2011 Bangkok floods 2011, and volenteer works

04-12-2011 Thailand Flood Charity Raffle,Pocatello Idaho USA

05-12-2011 Thailand Humanitarian Relief Project 2011

05-12-2011 Thailand’s Worst Flood Ever Part 5 Our Flood Damaged Home in Bangkok and an Appeal for Help.

06-12-2011 Going to Church 16 Oct 2011

06-12-2011 Thailand Floods: Granny Somwang surviving the flood

07-12-2011 Thai Floods: Tesco Lotus working hard to help customers in Thailand

07-12-2011 Amazing Thailand – Bangkok Floods MOV04179

07-12-2011 Thailand’s Flood Recovery Operations

07-12-2011 Dog Food Donations for Flooded Thailand Pets

07-12-2011 Amazing Thailand – Bangkok Floods and Truck Rollover MOV04181

08-12-2011 Taiwan delivers aid to Thai-based compatriots

08-12-2011 2011 floods of Thailand.
11-12-2011 F L O O D

11-12-2011 Typical Rainy Season Flooding in Srimahaphot, Prachinburi, Thailand

12-12-2011 December 13, 2011 Flood situation in Nonthaburi, Thailand

12-12-2011 Navigating the floods in Thailand

12-12-2011 The flood picture at “Bangbon”

31-12-2011 After the floods

08-01-2012 Kinship Circle Disaster Response Team- Thai Floods 2011

14-01-2012 Flood 2011 Thailand มบ.ศุภาลัยธานี ลำลูกกา

29-01-2012 Floods sink Thailand’s industrial output for fourth months

30-01-2012 Saify Thailand Floods

08-02-2012 Untitled

Photos concerning the Thai floods in Bangkok 2011

Evecuation of some dogs in Bangkok

Floodings 2011, Nimitmai Rd. – District Khlong Samwa, Bangkok

FLOODINGS NIMITMAI RD. SOI 40 / KHLONG SAM, my living environment


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