Thai floodings: increasing fishing for food and making money

The Thai floodings are making people also exited because thousands and thousands of people are using the opportunity to catch fish quit easy with all means of utensils like nets, dip-nets, traps and fishing rods.

The fish is everywhere, even in the flood-water heavily mixed with sewer-water. When not catched they shall die eventually when the amount of water decreases, is getting too dirty due to evaporation and too hot because of the sun and lack of oxygen . I felt water-temperatures of more than 40 degrees Celsius. It must be billions and besides of the humans the fish-eating birds Cattle Egret (Bubulcus ibis) are happily filling their stomachs in a very easy way, even along the road where big concrete sewer-lids with holes are giving the fish “shelter” and admission to the day-light. Along the roads, fed by the “sewer-aquariums”, the fish is even breeding so one sees thousands of baby-fishes swarming which are, when not dying or being catched by children, growing fast.

Children are, like the high-legged fish eating birds, running around to catch their part. Also the various water-snakes as the Dog-faced Water Snake or ngu pak kwang nam khem, the Bocourt´s Water Snake or ngu zi, the Rainbow Water Snake or ngu sai rung, ngu plah, the Jagor´s Water Snake or ngu sai rung lai kwang, the Plumbeous Water Snake or ngu pling and the Tentacle Snake, Fishing Snake or ngu kra daeng which are normally living in and around the paddy-fields are happy with the floods.
Also the Malayan Water Monitor Lizard, which I have also seen in the paddy-fields around my house and even in my garden, enjoys the buffet!

In the big(ger) khlongs (canals) I have seen huge fishes, catched with a harpoon.

Now, since the black and bad smelling (sewer)water decreases slowly in my road (leaving a thick layer of black mud on the road) I rescued from the sewer some bigger fish as the snakeskin gourami, Siamese gourami or pla salit ปลาสลิด. The pla salit is famous in the Thai dishes.

This fish is family of the in Europe popular aquarium-fish the Gourami so I accommodated them in my fish-tank which measures 1.50×0.60×0.90 mtrs.,it’s not a fish-bowl in which they pine away.

I just caught one “pla chon” or Snake head fish and one “pla duc" or catfish, just in the dirty, black and stinking sewer-water…………
For the time being I put them in clean water to consider what to do as it seems that these two species of fish are eating fish.

“pla chon” or Snake head fish:

“On August 10, 2011, a teenager was bitten by a northern snakehead while kayaking on Beck’s Pond in Bear, Delaware. He had attempted to capture the snakehead’s young.

On August 16, 2011, Delaware Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Control fisheries biologists captured a 25-inch snakehead in Beck’s Pond which they asserted had been illegally introduced. Officials warned that the snakeheads are known for aggressively protecting their young, and people should not try to catch the smaller fish.”

Reading all the facts about the fish I had in the bucket (YouTube) I decided to walk to the nearest khlong (canal) to set it free. It’s size was only 15 cms. but still….. However, at your plate to be eaten it looks delicious…………..

Dried pla chon

“pla duc” or catfish:
The Catfish has been brought also to a khlong as he gets too big and eats also small fish.

Might be he comes once in the Guiness Book of Records as a Mekong Giant Catfishof over 3.20 mtrs….. which lives in the Mae Nam Khong (Mekong) river in North-Thailand.

pla duc yan (grilled catfisch)

Mae Nam Khong (Mekong)


About Antoni Uni

I am born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, and went to Spain, l'Escala - Costabrava, in 1988. After 15 years I made a mistake and went travelling in S.E. Asia. and in 2005 I dropped down in Bangkok where I still live. Mijn website met foto's is:
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