Premier orders housing estates dry by year-end (Bangkok)

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra yesterday instructed officials to complete the drainage of flood water at 100 housing estates by year’s end, before presiding over a meeting of the Strategic Committee for Water Resources Management (SCWRM) to discuss the drawing up of its six operational plans.

Yingluck said the government and Cabinet would follow His Majesty the King’s advice to find sustainable solutions to the country’s water problems. On Monday, His Majesty called on all parties to work together to resolve the flood problems and avoid conflict for the well-being of the people and national security, as he granted a grand public audience at the Chakri Maha Prasat Throne Hall on the auspicious occasion of his seventh-cycle birthday.

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About our compound / village:

I hope that the management of the compound where we are living finally can be pushed to spend some (more) money to increase the poor looking and badly maintained premises!

Apart from the fact that the main entrance road at about two kilometers from Nimitmai Rd. is too low which resulted in a (water)-dip during the 2011-floodings which brought the inhabitants in a situation that they couldn’t pass with a normal car anymore for around one month (November) so they couldn’t go out easily for their work or to buy their daily food, there are more very poor and by them 100% ignored cases putting their inhabitants into inconvenience and even more, up-to today (7-12-2011) in big health-risks.

The last period we had even to pay for the bus-“service” to be able to pass the “dip” as taxis could not or refused to continue!

No fast and proper action has been taken by the management of “KC”.
Now, until today, a part of the inhabitants of Home 3 has to suffer under bad smelling, black sewer-water which occurred already since the beginning of October and the management of KC left the problem until today in the (volunteers)-hands of some inhabitants of that soi and other good-willing friends and / or acquaintances.
Today the soi seems to get dry and can be cleaned which will be a hell of a job if you see the photos BUT the cause of this all shall not be solved in due time!!
The whole problem lays in the fact that, at the time of the “development” of the compound the sewer-outlet has been made just as far as the border of the property reaches so relieves the stool-water just in the surroundings. Might be that these surroundings once were able to get rid of the dirt through a small khlong into the surrounding paddy-fields, but due to very bad maintenance of the District Khlong Samwa these surroundings has been grown thick, so blocked-up, causing that whenever the surroundings are filling with (rain)-water it pushes into the sewer-“system” which overflows the road when enough water. In fact an easy and cheap “cleaning-system”.

The two issues which are important now:

1. for “Home sam”, that the sewer-outlets shall be re-organized as fast as possible by KC AND the District (and shall be maintained frequently by the District because it’s under their jurisdiction, apart from the fact that it’s a health-issue).
2. for KC in general that the main-road shall be brought onto a sufficient level, even in such a way that in the case of high(er) water-levels, which are occurring every year during the monsoon, it shall be quite easy to protect the road in an adequate and FAST way if necessary!

Let’s keep pressure on the boiler or, as this sentence is very up-to-date in Thailand: “Though it may require seven to eight years to implement, the plan is a must; there are fears that this will be forgotten about over time. It’s the private sector that is pushing for drastic and permanent action,” as has been noted at the “Industrial Rehabilitation after Flood Disaster”-Seminar (THE NATION

The last two photos are the “authentic” sewer-outlets for the left-hand and the right-hand side of the soi…………

Photos copyright Antoni P. Uni

More photos flooding 2011 KC-Garden Home


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  1. antoniuni says:

    Raw Sewage

    In open areas where raw sewage is present, the unpleasant smell is likely the worst effect, assuming there is no long-term exposure. Particles of raw sewage are able to become airborne, however, and inhalation of these particles causes adverse health effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Raw sewage poses the biggest threat to public health when it enters the water supply, where it is diluted and spread much wider than where it originated. While boiling water before consuming it minimizes the risk of waterborne illness, there is a high risk of potentially deadly diseases such as cholera and dysentery from drinking water contaminated with raw sewage.

    Contaminants and Diseases

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