Lum Luk Ka sluice gate row hots up Sukhumbhand says locals must obey law (Bangkok)

Bangkok Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra has refused to negotiate with Pathum Thani residents after they raised the Khlong Phraya Suren sluice gate to 1.5 metres again without permission.

MR Sukhumbhand yesterday said he would negotiate only after the sluice gate was lowered back to 1m. He stressed that the law must be upheld in place of mob rule.

The governor made the statement after red shirt leaders in Pathum Thani demanded to meet him for talks on opening the sluice gate. The red shirt leaders included Sa-ngiam Samranrat, also a staff member of the Flood Relief Operations Command (Froc) and a political-office holder at the Prime Minister’s Office, Wutthipong Kotthammakhun and Sornsak Malai.

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“The director of Thailand’s National Disaster Warning Centre Somsak Khaosuwan yesterday said the overall situation in Bangkok is returning to normal”.
Unfortunately we, and so many other real suffering people, are definite NOT (yet) in the “normal” situation!

Speaking about our situation in KC Garden Home, Nimitmai Rd. soi 40, (Khlong Samwa District) where lots of sois (roads) are with each of them with a spokesman/woman and an overall “leader”:

We, in our soi, were lucky to have Khun Mam, our “leader” who started taking action with power when our soi started getting inundated in the first days of October 2011. This was water from the surrounding paddy-fields which started draining through our sewers which ended at a couple of meters of our soi just outside the wall of the KC Garden urbanization, which unhealthy construction was not a reason for the “District” (a subdivision of a Province) Khlong Samwa to let “KC” (KC Garden Home) look for a more acceptable way of getting rid of their sewer-water around the start of the community about 15 years ago. I admit, that would be more costly than just getting rid of it at, again, ten meters from the last house just outside the wall in the fields. Also Khlong Samwa failed to do maintenance of the small khlong (canal) leading the shit-water (excuse me please!) away. This small khlong is already since years a rural agricultural jungle as so many khlongs are to-day badly maintained being a part of the to-days drainage-problems.

Anyway, Khun Mam did a great job in organizing pumping (one big pump borrowed from an acquaintance of her) and buying (at the account of the inhabitants of the soi) a smaller one when one pump wasn’t sufficient anymore. In this way we were able to keep the soi more or less out the sewer-water until the first days of November when the real flood-water came into our living-environment.
Many people fled and some stayed bravely with the fear in their hearts how high the water should rise as there were day-in-day-out new news, new prognoses and new estimations. These water-height estimations were differing from 15 cms. to one-and-a-half meter.

Now, coming back at the statement “the overall situation in Bangkok is returning to normal”, we see that the “management” of “KC” doesn’t seems, repeat: seems, to do a lot. As the furthest soi is at about four kilometers from the main-road Nimitmai and more or less halfway one finds about one kilometer of at least knee-deep water one can imagine that lots of inhabitants has problems to reach the main-road.
Here, in “KC”, the management doesn’t seem to know how to solve this problem. They delayed started putting sand-bags at only one side of the road to start pumping-out the low laying area at one side but they stopped doing that as others pointed that they should have put them at the other side. We are now in a standoff and the yesterday’s view of the manager is that “the water will go done in two days where after we will start pumping”. A typical clincher as used during this general Thai disaster to keep the people quiet again for a couple of days.

I don’t see, frankly spoken, that the water shall go down fast in KC’s bottle-neck as there are on both sides of the road hugh amounts of water (some kind of lakes) and I cannot accept the statement that the water shall go down in a natural way as, and that is the problem in all inundated areas, the level is under the khlong(s)-level so it has to be pumped-up to get rid of it.

We have enough problems to maintain our business and to solve our second water-problem in soi Koobon were (business) premises of us are badly damaged by the slowly decreasing water-level.

Now we have to leave “KC” by “rot song taew” (open mini-bus) which “KC” is not paying for!(sick) I think that they has to solve the water-problem now, starting to-day!
And to-day? Well, we started pumping again (as now every day during day-time) to avoid that we are wading through ankle-deep pure sewer-water.

Pure sewerwater a bit diluted with flood-water

Photo copyright Antoni P. Uni

More about KC Garden Home (videos and photos)


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